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I’m trying to avoid the cliche intros, words that have been used countless of times after being away for a long time. But now I am left with this awkward blabbering of not knowing where to start.

Should I greet you like a long lost friend?

Time passed unknowingly over the last two years, if you’re reading this it means we’ve both made it through some of the worst times in a global pandemic. I am glad you’re alive. I hope you’re well. I am more than aware that blogs are the new snail mail. Something that has taken the backseat long ago that only tumblr humans know how to relive its glory. So thank you if you chose to spend a few minutes reading this.

Should I just greet my future self who’ll be looking back at these entries someday?

I could keep things in my journal, in between pages that are meant for my eyes only. But still, there’s a simple satisfaction in publishing a post. As I update this tiny corner of mine and look back on past entries, I am convinced that I want to keep it running for the years to come. I may not be an expert on churning out words, but I want to keep on writing these stories; even if it’s only for my own. Everything for posterity’s sake.

Should I just simply say hello?

There’s a line from one of my favorite Day6 songs that suddenly comes to mind:
It’s been awhile

It’s nice to come alive in this space again. Even if my entries would veer towards the mundane things in life, I hope we both stick around.

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